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Hi, my name is Nathan Wall and welcome to Accelerate Commercial Capital Fast Funding Secrets :)

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Since then, I've been hooked. That $94,000 launched my real estate business. I had no money, no credit, and was living in my parent's house. I was working a dead-end job, making $13.50 an hour. That was 2013. Now, I've done over 65 fix and flips in TN and AL, I've bought 6 rental properties, and I have 40 new construction homes in development right now. Which totals up to well over $13 million dollars in real estate.  

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Here are some recent testimonials from Real Estate Investors:
"I had the hardest time getting funds to close on my deals & the hard money lenders really cut into my spreads. The Accelerate team told me exactly what to do to make my company presentable to the lenders. Not only did they get me $ for my business, now I have a proof of funds letter to be able to make more offers. These guys are the best!"

-Kris S., Madison, WI
I learned about the Accelerate Team by attending a free business finance seminar. It was quite impressive. I ended up signing up for the service. I was given an approval projection of $50K to $75K and they've already exceeded that amount and we still have 2 more banks underwriting my file! Highly recommended for all business owners and real estate investors that are looking to secure working capital.

-Lisa S., Chicago, IL
"I signed up for their program and ended up with $88K in revolving business credit. None of it reports to my personal credit. I even used one of their bank contacts to completely revamp my business banking. Great program for any business owner."

-Alan J., Oakbrook, IL
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